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John Zachary launches Mature Muscle 60.

“Remember when the baby boomers started turning 50? They’re about to start turning 60.  My sixtieth birthday in November of 2004 puts me two years ahead of the first wave.  This project is about exploring life in seventh decade and telling the story.  The goal of Mature Muscle 60 is to encourage baby boomers to get serious about their lifestyle practices, and to show them proven ways to enjoy the process.”

Jackie Arcana is Mature Muscle’s 2004 Woman of the Year.

Jackie is a mom, an athlete, and one of the best triathlon coaches in the country.  In 2004, she took her career to the next level, as she moved fully into private practice.  She overcame the triple challenges of starting a business, raising two sons and training through a full racing season to a successful Ironman Florida.  Jackie sets the standard for pursuing our dreams while facing the gritty realities of life.  She is Mature Muscle’s 2004 Woman of the Year.
Your lifestyle is your life.

Most of us dream of what life will be like some day, usually when we’ve made important changes.  But the touchstone is our day-to-day, today’s day-to-day.  Follow the basics of a healthy lifestyle.  Start today.

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